Become a Base Rep

We sell custom apparel, and we have fun doing it! As a Base Rep, you will have the most interesting job on base. You will be networking with fellow military personnel, helping friends, facilitating sales and making memories. Oh, and you will be earning some amazing income as well!


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How Our Unique Process Works

As a Chest Candy Clothing Base representative, you will meet one-on-one with potential customers on base and help them create custom apparel for their Unit, Squadron, Welcome Committee, etc.  These potential customers are everywhere on base!  Think of all the unique Unit shirts you see each day.  Think of all the training shirts you see on base.  Now, as a Base Rep, you can help customers produce these items, and make some money along the way.

Since our reps are independent contractors, you'll enjoy flexibility and control over your schedule. Already have a part-time or full time job?  No problem. Schedule appointments based on your availability day-by-day.

As a Chest Candy Clothing Base Rep you’ll pride yourself in providing unparalleled customer service and enjoy selling a truly memorable product.  This is not a high-pressure sale – fellow military personnel are already buying similar products from other vendors, and online companies.  Why not buy from you?

 Who Can Become a Base Sales Representative?

  • You, Yes you or your spouse, significant other, relative, or friend can apply.
  • Already active on base committees? - Perfect!
  • It takes just take 5 minutes to complete an inquiry form and we will be in contact very soon.

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